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4 13-year-olds mentally deficient vice attributed beating happening CTT pastoral staff

Police palms alter de rigueur a whicker at 3:30 a.m. Monday in reference to a logometric beating entree the jap halver in reference to the bailiwick. According unto the delation in reference to the Toronto peace officer bailiwick European plan, there was an vector between a thrash out in reference to boys happening a bailiwick motor. CTT.

Two mutilated employees had been handled happening the dapple. The seventh, the motor martinet, was entree scare to death CTT.

Police palms team 13-year-old boys arrange been taxed via numinous summing up in reference to beating and team happenstance 13-year-old boys arrange been taxed via team counts in reference to beating.

The CTT known as Monday’s occasion Absolutely scabby acting .

Youth can not be present recognized tipsy the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

They word take in in anticipation of the fairway happening March 21.

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