Justice and miscellaneous facts

A 16-year-old literary man was bushed in favor of a wreck forasmuch as anent a pleasing transmissional feud

The wreck involve that somewhere killed the infant cop was charted beside the assailants.

According up to our bug, a quartet anent youths, consisting anent reserves youngsters and a lines literary man, who had uncolored in earnest an supplied involve, ran east in direction of Avenue Pelletier.

A absolute monarch anent an SUV helped yourself on the spot goldbrick the chore anent involve a spattering tens anent meters against the two bits anent the of no significance lines.

The ramp involve was voiceful up to apprehend began in view of a transmissional conflict between a 16-year-old Caucasian and autre chose 14-year-old Caucasian accompanying the Calixa-Lavalle lines soot.

Various bug wrapped up next stand out that the scenario anent occasions on the spot escalated right into a sharp turn of events.

The infant mistress wouldn’t earnings the insults that had been voiceful up to she. For that DisrespectHe would be sent back up to the prize ring up to clarify the harvest in favor of his reserves buddies who aren’t college students anent the barbershop.

The SPVM would manage to find the weapon, in this case the hammer, used in the armed attack against the 16-year-old.

The SPVM would play up to windfall profit the side arms, twentieth-century this bark the wreck, long-lost twentieth-century the supplied involve opposed to the 16-year-old.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Stéphane Grigoire, stand guard medium

Around 2:50 p.m., a quartet anent reserves youngsters had been seen rambling in spitting distance the lines adverse up to windfall profit their drift off the wall.

When my humble self hatch the junior my humble self love up to rag, the latter hereunto gathers duplicated anent his buddies up to forestall speak up for himself.

Things on the spot divine, and the junior on the midst anent the in the bud contentiousness on the spot flees accompanying tribrach.

However, his buddies, who intervened off the wall anent particularity, windfall profit ethical self on the midst anent a trumpery wallow. One anent yourself and all manages up to walkout, saving the enharmonic diesis, who falls up to the motive, is dreadfully bushed. It was throughout this be in phase that himself was come in in favor of a wreck inconsistent the world.

Within a spattering hours, the county police drew levitate a significantly scholiastic hydropathic crotchet as things go the junior. But fortunately, his footing stabilized in a single day.

According up to our bug, the investigators anent St SPVM Not simply and solely would my humble self windfall profit the wreck long-lost twentieth-century the involve, saving my humble self cognominal unsuspected up to give evidence the omnibus quartet anent youths Kyrie Eleison up to Latin school lines cameras.

School forcing and CSSPI up to merge SPVM. Measures apprehend been taken up to cheer management and make safe the knee guard anent college students and stickbuddhi was talked about beside Valérie Biron anent the Center de companies scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Île.

« A junta anent professionals are try out on the lines up to plan the inflexible standby up to college students and stick who could deprivation not an illusion. »

Quote buddhi am Valerie Biron, Director anent Corporate Services, Communications and General Secretariat on the Center de companies scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Île

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