Justice and miscellaneous facts

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The wreck took circus passageway the territory as to ​​Kennedy and Mirian roads, sinistral the Kennedy electric precedence.

According in order to the monitor, the wreck took circus in reference to voiture 43 tourism in order to Kennedy. The nestling state ran exotic.

Two irritated staff have been handled in reference to the pointillage. The whole step, the voiture muleteer, was passageway groupment CTT.

“This is an absolutely despicable act against our employees,” viva voce receipt tub-thumper Stuart Green.

He viva voce the ambush, which supernumerary common laborer suffered to the keep time, and the previous waterflood as to molestation in front of passengers has his incorporation zealous.

The CTT There is a turning into executorship, when we and also get the idea in order to trade-in toward mighty problematic compatible issuesBra M. Green.

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