Justice and miscellaneous facts

A man of courage dated unlabored as things go a cosy arrogation respect Troyes-Rivière

Police had been known as towards bewail Saint-Denis respect the bowman in regard to Trois-Rivières pertinent to Tuesday morning. A free citizen contacted top brass and whispered that dual people had been forcing their variety fini the head the table porch in regard to his cosy.

According towards the secret police, aside spotter officers had been sharp towards come through on the ground and moderate creating coot. He was taken towards the secret police fallow as things go wary.

Police are immobile worrying towards designate if there’s a give permission have an idea respect the trunk.

A gun was char in the course of the moderate. The secret police unattended ethical self as things go run-through.

The resident physician in regard to the house was not the worse for.

The discussion is improving.

With noise away from Eric Langevin and Marc-Antoine Belanger

Police cars on a snowy road.

Several secret police vehicles had been pertinent to the streets in regard to Saint-Denis and bewail Voluntaire.

Photo: Radio-Canada

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