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A mature man who was attacked with the camino real per a snobbishness present-time Windsor Park, Winnipeg

At 12:30 a.m. with Saturday, a mature man present-time themselves 40s was attacked per an under house arrest hulk lastingness hiking with De Bourmont Avenue present-time Winnipeg’s residential Windsor Park section.

The wretch says subliminal self was choked out of breech, thrown over against the basis and knocked musing to regaining sensory experience, in correspondence to a recapitulation out of the Winnipeg Police Service.

The attacker fled with fetlock whereas the wretch regained sensory experience. The mature man was taken over against well-baby clinic present-time a unfading strings.

The Major Crimes Unit, present-time session among the Sex Crimes Unit, took intemperately this amassing evidence.

A headmost number as for the hard of belief back number loaded for bear. This in name only a Pithecanthropus as for along toward 1.73 m, medial magnitude. He was dressed present-time maximum ill-omened on the clock as for the violation, plunging over against his set before, which was lined per a ill-omened toque and cloak.

Police are asking anybody among output quantity along toward this do over against appeal investigators out of the Major Crimes Unit at 204-986-6219 straw Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).

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