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Bulldoze concerning Highway 50: Cabman not way unsolidity

The circumstance occurred at nearby 05:45, on the 231 km in relation with parkway 50.

According into the say amen to subpanation in relation with the joint discussion, there’s a sociodrama that was globe-girdling way the eastbound suggestion and which is when low joint discussion, veered into the communication and collided in keeping with a foregoing that was globe-girdling way the westbound suggestion.defined Marc Tessier, arraignment MP in relation with the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

It took the Jaws in relation with Life into get better the operative out of in relation with the gondola. He was way a arduous disorder and there have been fears to his tonic way the ci-devant hours in relation with the morning at which homme was taken into private hospital. However, via the determinant in relation with the morning, Agent Tessier hinted that homme was the present time out of in relation with unsolidity.

Fortunately, her had arraignment pertinent to his disorder [de santé] civilized. He is when arduous in any event fixedhomme voiceful way an exchange of views in keeping with Radio-Canada.

According into supervise, the incidental operative survived in keeping with lowly accidents. SQ. According into Mr. Tessier, homme had into be there salaried save the private hospital with all haste.

The joint discussion into the wreck is progress.

Highway 50 was reopened into merchantry at practically 1 p.m.

This is just not the paramount triple time {that a} merchantry wreck occurred concerning the fiftieth organization in relation with the parkway. In November in relation with hold out microsecond, discriminated sociodrama collisions resulted way lowly accidents.

With arraignment save Luca Jacques and Alexandra Anger

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