This video explains CA’s whistleblower laws for employees. Branigan explains the law on a whiteboard with zero jargon so that everyone can understand all the different types of whistleblowers.

It adds to the detailed information that can be found here:

If you were fired, this will give you an overview of your rights and remedies. For more information on whistleblowers and employment law, visit

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  1. If I’m working in an unsafe workplace. Have told management about the toxic culture. Then have a meltdown bc management waited too long to do something. Get treated bad and moved somewhere else upon return. What is that called when they treat you like crap as a respond to what happened? Knowing that it is happening and still did nothing until it was too late. Excellent performer and now management is trying to push out by not acknowledging what happened to veteran. VA Hospital employee with short staffing. Documentations throughout the whole thing.

  2. Offensive comments by Mary Inman & Constantine Cannon: Constantine Cannon Offensive Comments (A sample):

    1)”I noticed Mr Patrick had ‘Neglected’ to provide the date with his signature” – Mary Inman

    2)”By the way the client called the paper himself to explore the idea but didn,t get very far unsurprisingly”- Mary Inman.

    3)”When is this torture going to be over” Mary Inman regarding myself.

    4)”As predicted might happen the client Mr Patrick is extremely anxious and e-mailing us about the issue daily”

    5)”We,ll be able to put this to bed with Andrew and stop the nonsense” – Mary Inman

    6)”The client as always is getting Antzy” – Mary Inman.

    7)(Slightly simplifying it for him), I hope that will satisfy him, though experience suggests it probably wont” – Richard Pike

    8)”He,s too Volatile and wouldn’t trust him to project the right image on camera” – Mary Inman

    9)”Please gag him” Georgina Halford Hall Whistleblowers UK

    10) “Totally hear you and appreciate/understand/share your concern. Client was hell-bent on speaking with the press. Believe it or not, I was able to steer him away from worse comments! Let's talk later” – Mary Inman to Georgina Halford Hall CEO Whistleblowers UK.

    11) “He does not retain information that we send/provide and prefers to escalate matter & become difficult” – Mary Inman

    12) “I imagine you have little interest in Mr Patrick’s other allegations but, for completeness, we should note that the SRA disposed of Mr Patrick’s complaint without taking any further action.” Richard Pikes view of the SRA,s warning letter for offensive communications between Mary Inman & Georgina Halford Hall

    13) “He Parroted back to me” Mary Inman

    14) “He,s back to torment me, I thought his WB matter was over” – Sara Vickery Practice co-ordinator

    15) “When is this torture going to be over” Mary Inman discussing me.

    16) “The call went well. Thankfully, he was not interested in speaking to Andrew Patrick" Mary Inman.

    17) Mr Patrick provided screenshots of the emails between Ms Inman and Ms Hall. These emails make comments such as ‘gag him’, ‘keep him away from…’ and ‘no good can come from his engagement’. – SRA

    18) However, Mr Patrick was able to provide evidence of the emails and it is understandable why Mr Patrick is not happy with the comments made about him by Ms Inman. SRA

    19) “I don’t think we will ever get Andrew to a point where he,d write something that provides a wider context” Mary Inman

    20) “He is very difficult to corral and keep on message”. Mary Inman

    21) “Client Disappointed (aren,t they all!?)” Mary Inman

    22) E-mail subject “Ironic” “Ands theres more….” Richard Pikes sarcastic reply to my e-mail of complaint

    23) “Sigh….” In response to the complaint I was making as Richard Pike forwards e-mail to Mary Inman

    24) “It’s a shame he forgot everyone else who was involved” Richard Pike in response to a positive feedback I left them in the initial stages, I had mentioned – him, Molly Knopfler Constantine Cannon, who else he expected me to mention I do not know.

    25) “I think you have just been introduced to Andrew Patrick………

    Doesn’t mention who he is until the end of the message assuming we know…….” Sarah Vickery Practice Co-ordinator

    26) “He is getting impatient again”

    27) “He,s like clockwork with his requests”

    28) “Given our Andrew Patrick connection, I’m including a link to the recent New York Times story that includes quotes from him regarding his False Claims Act case against the Pure Collection for evasion of U.S. customs dues. Thought you’d get a kick out of them”. Mary Inman.


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