In this video, we talk all about the law schools you should NOT apply to. These are schools that are classified as “predatory law schools”, and they are schools that you should avoid at all costs. Hope this video was helpful!

All about conditional scholarships:

Factors that lead to a school being labeled as “predatory”:

(Not the most academic source but definitely helpful^^)
For-Profit Law schools:

Schools to avoid:

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  1. I call bullshit. Most for profit law schools are at 13k per year with a 3-to-4-year program. Meaning maximum student loan debt is around 40K. An A-B-A accredited law school will cost you about 150 to 200k.

  2. I've been looking into law school and spoke with an Air Force JAG about it. He told me to avoid fully online law schools, non ABA accredited schools, and specifically mentioned Cooley. He told me that Cooley graduates end up working as servers and bartenders.

  3. All law schools are predatory. Not just lower tier schools. Every school's attendance is hurting right now and they're all lowering standards.

    The fact is, many people would never have the chance to be a lawyer if not for schools like Cooley. They will give you a chance to shine and prove yourself, but if you don't, you will get kicked out and left in debt. It's a gamble, but it's one YOU take on alone. Hate on Cooley all you want, but they've done more for minorities and the less privileged than most other law schools.

    I'm willing to bet the OP has a personal issue with the legal education system, didn't pass the bar, or had a bad experience. It sounds like she expected more, but didn't take responsibility for herself and was let down.

  4. 2020 I opened up a pro se lawsuit against my ex-wife our two insurance agents and State farm insurance company just before the pandemic and tried to explain it the best I could… Then I hired an attorney after he got paid he completely disappeared, fired him and hired another attorney to only get the exact same results… started off super promising…June,22. Had to have him admit under oath that his excuse was health issues so now I'm back to pro se…June,22. I was finally able to get the office of commission to help me out with the case and they did a deposition on the insurance agent and let her know that she committed a privacy rights violation…. This is the second time the commission was able to send a demand letter and both of them were ignored… June, 22. So I amended my complaint to the privacy right violation GLBA… Breach of fiduciary duty… Fraud…. And some others. 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In 2020 after laying up in a shelter for men in Mesa Arizona and after getting some help for my health I was able to go to the neighborhood library and file the lawsuit. Shortly after I started the lawsuit covid hit and pretty much shut the country down… In the meantime the case has been going through the system slowly mainly because my two previous attorneys were acting incompetent and in my opinion were deliberately trying to sabotage the case… State farm insurance was actively trying to eliminate the case by any means necessary. So I filed a contempt of court against her (ex-wife) for not honoring the original divorce decree in 2015 and the commissioner recommended that she be found in contempt, we go back to court in August…. Her attorney still hasn't turned over the policies… The Wisconsin office of insurance commission demanded that State farm return the policies at full value and they haven't yet… I was surprised… I thought that body had a lot of power. On July 12th at our status conference hearing I am supposed to decide if I want to hire another attorney or go back pro se…. The attorneys have not gotten me anywhere and have tried to sabotage the case many times… But I also realize I'm going up against a giant in State farm… But I do believe with all my heart that the law is on my side and I will prevail.

    #StateFarm #Lawsuite #civillaw #PolicyOwner #NoYourRights #Wisconsin

  5. I go to Cooley. This video is partially true but incomplete in my opinion. I think many of my classmates are over their heads and don't have their plans thought through. They probably depict this video. I'm in my fourth term and roughly 2 out of 5 classmates have quit or been asked to leave. However, a large portion of my classmates already have the connections going in (they work as paralegals somewhere) or don't want to practice law full time. Cooley provides convenient evening and part time scheduling options for someone like that to both keep their job and go to law school at the same time. I would NEVER take out a student loan to go to Cooley. Thankfully I don't have to. I got in via 75% scholarship, which is NOT a scam "conditional" scholarship. I get to keep my scholarship provided I don't go on academic probation (below 2.0 GPA)- then get it back once I'm off probation- or receive an honor code violation that involves taking away my scholarship. I also think you have to enjoy the practice of law to make the degree worth it. Overall, I think it is short sighted to outright reject low tier law schools without exception but people need to do their homework and research or else they are gonna get screwed.


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