It is hard enough to deal with the fact that you have to fight to be able to have “the right” to be with your child every day. It is a well known fact that fathers fighting for custody are rarely awarded custody of their children when there are issues. Although, this has been true in the past, times seem to be changing and fathers are seeing that family courts are taking into consideration which parent can actually provide a safe and secure environment for the children. That being said, fathers fighting for custody still have a lot of work to do to prove that their children would be better off with them rather than their mother.

Factor in false allegations of child sexual abuse, then this uphill battle of father custody seems almost impossible to win. Unfortunately, these cases actually are almost impossible because of the lack of an experienced attorney. Usually, a local attorney will have a lot of experience in divorce custody matters, but will have little or no experience in child sexual abuse. The problem is that there simply are not enough attorneys out there that are experienced in both matters. If you do find one that is experienced in both, then you will find that they are very expensive for the fact that they must travel all over. This leaves fathers fighting for custody in an almost impossible situation. What else can fathers do but to hire the local attorney and hope for the best?

Normally, fathers fighting for custody must prove he is a fit and caring parent, and he must prove the mother is unfit. Add in the fact that he has to defend himself against false child sexual abuse; father child custody is simply not an option. The courts must have a good enough reason to uplift the children from their home.

Although it seems that there is no way possible for father child custody when the father is accused of child sexual abuse, it can be done. However, the father must have a precise case with a planned out strategy.

Your attorney will have a specific strategy with questions and suggestions for you to follow to help you in your father custody trial.

A good attorney will:

Recognize a father’s emotional state – This is the most important step and one most attorneys will overlook. Fathers fighting for custody are going through a lot of stress at this point in their, and it is to the best interest of the father for the attorney to determine any emotional problems and learn how to deal with them before the courts are introduced to him.

Face Adverse Issues Upfront – It is important that any allegations that could possibly be thrown out in court be dealt with and admitted to upfront.

The father’s image – Fathers fighting for custody must convey an image that the courts feel is acceptable and secure for children. Take a parenting class, become a part of your child’s sports events or hobby or attend church.

When criminal charges of child sexual abuse surface, it is important that you never accept a plea. If your attorney recommends you take a plea, than it is time to replace him. Accepting a plea in a father custody case is no better than accepting guilt. If you are not guilty, do not take a plea stating that you are guilty. With the proper attorney, you will be freed of these charges.

There is a possibility that you can take your children home with you, even after allegations of child sexual abuse are made. With the right attorney, a lot of research and the desire to do whatever it takes to wake up each morning to see those bright smiles, there truly is a possibility of being awarded father child custody.

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