Most people know that GDI (Global Domain International) is an MLM company which deals mostly in hosting services and domain name registration with the .ws extension. GDI gets most of their customer base through word of mouth, otherwise known as multi-level marketing. GDI’s present shares are hovering between $33 to $34 on the NYSE.

Some of my readers might remember an article I wrote about Metcalfe’s Law…

A Network Economic Value = Number of Users²

To put it simply, if there exist just one telephone, that single telephone has no economic value. The

moment there are two telephones according to Metcalf’s law, the economic value of the phone network is now squared. The economic value of the network would go from 0 to 2 (squared) or 4. Add a third phone and the economic value of the network is now 9. In other words, the economic value of a network goes up exponentially, not arithmetically.

Direct Marketing, takes the theory of Metcalfe’s Law and turns it into an unparalleled business model. Grasp the meaning and the power behind this, and you will understand the power behind multi-level marketing, also known as direct marketing, viral marketing ( as it spreads like a virus, people to people).

What most people don’t know about GDI is the power behind its program. The $10. a month fee you pay is not just for a domain name, as this is the usual amount you pay for a one year registration of a domain name, no matter what the extension is. GDI’s $10 a month fee was a way to make it affordable for the little guy to own his own domain name and website, hosted on GDI servers, with the added possibility of making a lot of money by referring others to the program.

While some might argue that they pay less elsewhere ( about $100. a year ), which works out to be less than $10. a month, keep in mind that it’s due immediately in one payment. For some people forking out $100. on something they aren’t sure of keeping in the first place, is a little hard to swallow. GDI’s $10. a month plan is much more appealing to the little guy who can cancel anytime by just calling a given number.

What makes GDI a double edge sword, is the capability of maximizing the use of GDI’s program to its full force and effect, which few recognize.

The obvious is the referral program, very powerful in itself. As an example, one can easily earn in excess of $3000.+ per month by just referring 5 people, whereby with GDI’s marketing system, Metcalfe’s Law quickly kicks in.

Then, using the money earned on a monthly basis, one can easily invest a part of that money to buy blocks of 100 shares. By the sheer growth of this company, you’re bound to make a very hefty profit in a long term range ( 5 years).

But here is what most people don’t realize or at the very least don’t immediately grasp. The use of your GDI website that comes with the $10. a month hosting fee. GDI’s easy to use interface allows you to build a 10 page website using 5 different themes. Properly thought out, this will generate a few more streams of income for you.

On each and every page, you could choose to sell some of your own products, or even affiliate products coupled with CPA ( cost per action ) advertising. The possibilities are unlimited and just awesome for those with a little imagination. Just brilliant!

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