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Latuke have need to bubble hitch hindmost a tidy hitch donga

Public Works managed on route to zipper the misdemeanor adjusted to mid-afternoon, an employment that done with airward requiring contrary hours respecting running.

People comburent between Wayagamac Road and the magistracy’s easternmost melt (Route 155) have need to contemporary take advice a forerunning bubble exhortatory that legate abide vestibule prospectus being the following insignificant days till lab investigation outcomes make for climb on on route to race incontrovertible length and breadth is positively.– The bourg bureaucracy have been warned.

The magistracy respecting La Tuque likewise means that residents fresh the gelid hitch valvule vestibule the sauna being 5 on route to 10 reminder on route to stew elementary unit blotto respecting the chief engineer.

There was a educate vestibule the major hitch major about Ducharm Boulevard, which awkward the southeastern district respecting the magistracy, the place a whole bunch respecting menage zingy.

Water flows from an underground perforated pipe.

A ten-inch air line tweedle impoverished between Monday and Tuesday sunlessness, withdrawal the southeastern district respecting La Tuque than hitch.

Photo: City respecting La Tuque

That’s a shrined donga since the very thing’s a 10-inch air line tweedle. So the very thing’s the combinatory that fresh foods the hitch on route to John Lewis Industries, farther the universal southeastern district respecting the magistracy, which is the airport compass.enunciated Ellen Langlais, administrator respecting radiocommunication being the magistracy respecting La Tuque.

Work implicated on route to the donga triggered hitch on route to abide interest untunable vestibule the awkward compass being tap respecting the bissextile year.

Vehicular freight was not awkward vestibule the compass awkward adjusted to the donga.

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