The beginning of a new alien language rule in China was marked by the document that was introduced authorizing all the students to begin learning English as a required subject while at a third-grade level. Earlier before, English was introduced to some students in their seventh grade. Several factors contributed to the introduction of the policy in China. First, their requirements for English in China were continuously on a rise. The country was undergoing more openings to the outside world as well as globalization that was growing at a faster rate that made teaching English the priority in primary schools. Also, there was increased international communication and collaboration in the country that called for the need to be able to use foreign language that would help in communicative reasons. Second reason is the fundamental improvement of education. To improve the education English plays an important part. The primary English program stress on the assimilation of technology into teaching, focus on students, build up the ability of the students to speak, listen, read and play with the assistance and track of their instructors.

The Third reason was a former English policy for primary education. It was stated that over the years both primary and secondary education for English has been increasing at a fast rate in connection with the growing requirement for English. It was evident that those regions who had introduced English at primary level were continually expanding. The ministry had given out a planned curriculum for both elementary and secondary schools for which English could either be initiated in 3rd grade or first year in secondary education.

Later, the ministry of education demanded that English should not be taught at English level unless the necessary situations were achieved. In 1984, school syllabus was released with no foreign language. However, a few years later some primary schools introduced English syllabus on their own. The Fourth reason is that it is beneficial when children begin learning English while at younger stage than when older, and that’s why English was to be introduced at primary level. Further, the vice president made a significant contribution in speeding up the creating of the policy through his speeches. The public demands, on the other hand, demanded that English be introduced at primary level. The main reason for the establishment of the policy was to react to the increased demand for English by China. Conversely, there were a reduced number of English teachers which was a major concern.

It was suggested that the present English teachers should offer direction and play a significant function in the teaching of English. Another worry was the lack of adequate learning materials in support of the new necessities for teaching English in primary schools. There are some problems associated with the policy which includes lack of thorough analysis, formulation of policy from superior to subordinates without relating members from other regions of the Chinese community. Also, the suppositions concerning profits of begging early, inadequate arrangements as well as differences in execution of the policy and irony of teaching defies. The teaching of a foreign language should not only be based on factors such as age at which students start learning but also matters that are regular in the educational program including competence and fairness.


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