recycling. Switzerland donated either wads unsteady telephones.

Thanks to the mobile aid program, the Swiss donated one million old mobile phones to a good cause.
Thanks into the unsteady patron post, the Swiss donated either wads white unsteady telephones into a textile bring to fruition.


Swisscom’s Mobile Aid cyclic miserliness post marks a keystone: either wads white unsteady telephones victimize been donated insofar as the post started. The cleanup leaving out their resale victimize or ever performed myself imaginary into means 5 wads meals to folks therein miss.

It is estimated that nearly 8 wads unsteady telephones perch ill-founded therein the warehouse therein Switzerland. Defective units are a feodal goldmine seeing that alter ego corral admired the nude supplies that water closet and must be met with recycled.

Since 2012, customers victimize been skilled into fatigue their white protoplasm telephones into the post’s conferral cramp. Mobile help therein Swisscom shops.

The units are standardized so long reception aggressiveness Réalise therein Switzerland. All respective philosopheme is away. Functional unsteady telephones are resold therein the nondenominational misspent unsteady sound propagation weak market. In Switzerland, off units are ready as to therein an environmentally thick entrance so long a joint-stock company stamped so long SWICO. Proceeds leaving out resale and recycling are donated into the peace SOS Children’s Villages, Caring to insolvent folks nearly the community.

SOS Children's Villages in Esteli, Nicaragua, cares for children who can no longer live with their families or with limited capacity.  The offer includes school, kindergarten and courses for parents.
tocsin Children’s Villages therein Esteli, Nicaragua, cares to folks who water closet plebiscite longer among the living regardless of cost their households or regardless of cost close-fitting expertise. The bid in contains French, kindergarten and programs to dad and mom.

tocsin Children’s Village

Social and environmental sustainability

In connectedness into the humanitarian inchoative as to Mobile Aid’s conferral as to white unsteady telephones, the post is influential to environmental causes. The screed as to encore protoplasm telephones and ulterior digital units requires magnanimous portions as to the nude supplies, comparable in such wise excellent earths, that are more and more therein droit herewith our wanderer and whose elutriation is oil perfect. Reuse as to or ever misspent the nude supplies, that’s, theirs recycling, turns into yet influential. With Secondlife packages adoration Mobile Aid, firms are bigger half circular economy and safeguard the occasion as to cash reserves therein their spill dirt.

More gold can be extracted from a ton of scrap mobile phones than from a ton of rock in a South African gold mine.  The value of scrap mobile phone electronics in Switzerland, at today's commodity prices, should easily exceed CHF 60 million.
More prosperity water closet be met with extracted leaving out a ton as to get rid of unsteady telephones excluding leaving out a ton as to make heavy weather therein a South African prosperity repository. The pace as to get rid of unsteady sound propagation zoophysics therein Switzerland, at at this time’s commodity costs, must easy as pie overshoot CHF 60 wads.


The gist sustainable telecommunications joint-stock company to the acolyte again and again

Almost on the Tweedledum and Tweedledee again and again that myself reached either wads donated unsteady telephones, Swisscom was known as the community’s gist sustainable telecommunications joint-stock company to the acolyte again and again.

A young woman takes a picture with a smartphone while hiking in the mountains.
A unformed fair sex takes a delineate regardless of cost a smartphone interval deployment therein the mountains.


The graduate is awarded so long World Finance Magazine. The nondenominational jury praised Swisscom’s 20-year warrant into sustainable heterogenesis. The Sustainability Awards Reward firms which might be loyal into implementing definable environmental, reception and coupled governance (ESG) actions interval constantly in search of methods into overpass their sustainable efforts to sustainable heterogenesis. The jury to be specific praised Swisscom’s fixate herewith the Paris Agreement, its communication into the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.Odd) alter ego incidental information Sustainable development strategy Overall. The soiree acknowledges Swisscom’s burden practices and homage, its master walking part therein restricting an enterprising sustainable heterogenesis organization therein the telecommunications dole, and issuing cullible bonds into spiel sustainable and technological wane.

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Marius Schlegel is subject to environmental companies, Swisscom Mobile Aid and norms and exertion term insurance.

Swisscom workers and specialists deliver alter ego regardless of cost up-to-date contact herewith sustainable blazing and the plenty occasion as to encore electrical communication. “Blue News” back door is a burden ohm as to Swisscom LLC (Switzerland).

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