California is a lawn care and landscaping professionals dream in so many ways with it’s temperate weather, abundance of sunshine and good soil in most regions.

These are just a few of the advantages of starting a landscaping business in the state but there are some drawbacks, too.

Before you take the steps to establish a lawn business, it’s important to study the laws of the state. California is a very environmentally aware state with laws in place to protect hundreds of animals, insects and plants. Some plants may be prohibited in one area of the city but not in another; your equipment may violate noise regulations in a certain neighborhood due to the wildlife while in another there are no stipulations. By studying the environmental laws as they apply to business, you can decide if you want to focus your landscaping or lawn care business on a certain area only or cover more than one section of the city you choose to start in.

A recent proposal to require catalytic converters on all gasoline powered lawnmowers could affect your choice of equipment so check carefully before committing to any rental or sales contract for equipment.

Another thing you should look at is your potential competition. In Los Angeles alone there are hundreds of lawn services offering everything from basic mowing to expanded design services and garden maintenance. What will your specialty be? Can you undercut the competition and still make a profit? Because of its proximity Mexico, California landscapers either have an endless source of cheap labor or crushing competition. You’ll also have to carefully look at the labor laws that have become complicated due to the influx of undocumented workers.

The majority of Californian lawns favor Bermuda grass, a tough and drought resistant type that loves the sun and is easy to start, grow and cut. Desert landscaping is very popular in California as is xeriscape, which would make a good specialty service and command a very different stock of equipment and expertise. Lawn service is more than mowing the grass and edging the walks; many people want their service to maintain their ornamental plants, too. These include cacti, succulents and the usual shrubs and bushes.

There is a lot to take into consideration before starting a lawn care business in California but with some careful research and an honest look at what you have to offer, you could very well be on your way to a successful and enjoyable business.

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