The law of attraction is broken down to 4 main sections that are interconnected. These 4 pillars are known as:

1. Success and prosperity

2. Health and well being

3. Love and relationship

4. Wisdom and spirituality

If any pillar is constructed incorrectly or stands on a weak foundation, you might say the law is broken!

If you are attracting money but your health is deteriorating or you are not getting along with people or perhaps you need work on personal development, you have technically broken the balance of the law of attraction, which can be easily detected in your life.

Effectively, this law benefits the individual in full if he or she is clear on all the 4 components.

This state can be achieved when one has a clear understanding of each section, and by raising above the bank. By the bank, I mean the accumulated negative charges that are deposited in a reservoir that affect the part of the mind which is invisibly and inconspicuously in action.

Unpredictable behaviors, unthoughtful comments and incomprehensible actions are the bi-products of this easily influenced funny fellow called the subconscious mind, or more appropriately the reactive mind!

There are of course methods and technologies that can release these sometimes detrimental charges. However, in many cases if you are a strong person, just by understanding the concept of the law of attraction and working on each aspect to make it function correctly and be in harmony with it, you are living in synch with the law of attraction!

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