There is a bunch of information out there about what the Law of Attraction is and what it is not. I like to make things simple, so I will reveal life as it really is now. I am sure you will find this interesting as well as helpful.

Lets imagine that you have a recipe to make a vanilla cake, and that you go to the same store every single day and obtain the exact same ingredients, and then you go back home and prepare the recipe exactly as it is instructed. What would you expect to have at the end of each day?

The answer of course would be “a vanilla cake”, correct? What is the probability of having a vanilla cake if everything would be done right? The answer would be “100%” (I know I am being very obvious) What would then be the likelihood of having a chocolate cake as a end result? The answer should obviously be 0%, right?

Then let me ask you the following: Why do people do the exact same thing every single day, and expect to have a different result? That is what people call lunacy.

Here is the appealing part; your life is exactly like a cake, you have a recipe – the way you do things- and you have your ingredients – your beliefs, your thoughts and your emotions.

Now what happens if one rotten egg would find itself in the cake mix? The answer of course is that it would spoil the entire cake; again let me repeat that – it would spoil the entire cake!

Now going back to the concepts, as I mentioned your ingredients are your:




If any of them is spoiled or rotten, meaning of a negative or non-positive nature, then you are literally spoiling your entire cake, meaning your life.

It is only through changing the ingredients that you can start changing your life, and it is only through a change of recipe – or way of doing things- that you can get a different result. So why are you waiting to change your recipe?

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