One evening in Kansas in 1872, the carriage carrying the girl Julia Hestler suddenly stopped at the Bender Inn. Because it was late, she decided to stay here for a night, rest to regain strength and continue tomorrow.

However, when entering the inn, a stench rose up to her nose which was very unpleasant, flies were flying all over the house, candlelight flickered indistinctly… making Julia feel a chill down her spine. When involuntarily looking behind, Julia saw 3 members of the inn following her, holding a candle and a tool with a cruel expression.

Unraveling the mystery of the

Bender’s inn, where many mysterious disappearances happened.

Too scared, she immediately ran out of the inn, she ran to the point of tripping many times but still got up and kept running… Until she got out of there, she regained her senses and reshaped what to do next. . Much later, Julia said it was the best decision of her life.

The “one go and no return” inn with mysterious behavior

In the mid-1800s, Kansas was a lawless town with hundreds of bloody battles between bourgeois and pro-slavery factions. Although Kansas is a territory of the United States, the government does not care about management, there is no police station or court here. Kansas residents literally “do what they want”, most of them resolve disputes by violence, not negotiation.

Despite the chaos, Kansas is still a great place for refugees. In 1862, the United States introduced the Land Act which allowed people to pay a small fee to buy land to start a business. As a result, refugees have flocked here to gain cheap land, even taking it as their own.

Unraveling the mystery of the

The Bender family’s “haunted land” is taken from above.

Of course, the Bender family was one of them. They saw the potential for growth in Kansas, so they migrated here and opened a grocery store. This family consists of 4 people: Husband is Pa Bender, wife is Ma Bender, and son John and Kate are about 25-27 years old. They speak poor English and have German accents.

After opening groceries for a while, the family opened up more rooms and turned the house into a rest stop and inn. At this time, spiritual problems were gradually increasing, so Kate claimed to “can talk to the dead” to extort money from guests. Even when the Benders are accused of stealing from guests, the place is still attractive because of Kate’s ability.

Things went on and on until May 1871, three men were found dead in a state of serious injuries, with no property on them, and the carriage disappeared. People assumed that they had been killed by a band of robbers on the road, so missing travelers were no longer a strange thing.

Unraveling the mystery of the

Her daughter Kate is famous for her ability to talk to ghosts, which is liked by many people.

In 1873, the incident was pushed to a climax when the number of people missing reached 10, including a famous doctor William York. At this time, the doctor’s brother, Alexander – a wealthy lawyer and politician, took advantage of all his connections and hired 75 people to find information about his brother. All clues lead back to the Bender family because this was the last place William visited.

The secret of heaven under the bed

Immediately, Alexander immediately went to the Bender family to ask for information about his brother. He was greeted by two obedient brothers, Kate and John, who responded enthusiastically. After talking, he thought that these were just ordinary villagers, nothing suspicious, and stayed for dinner that night with his family.

However, after Alexander left, the Benders suddenly loaded their belongings into the carriage and ran away the same day. The people around did not know when the Benders escaped, until their livestock and poultry were severely starved.

Unraveling the mystery of the

The Benders were redrawn for wanted purposes.

At this time, neighbor Billy Tole felt sorry for him, so he brought food to the Bender family’s pets. When he entered the house, he nearly fainted because a strong stench hit his nose. Going to the back of the kitchen, he also discovered two hammers hidden behind a pile of firewood and a homemade sickle covered in blood.

Suspecting this to be the murder weapon, Billy informed the whole village and Alexander to conduct a search of the house. When they broke into the house, they discovered that there was a secret tunnel under the bed. As soon as the cellar door opened, the horrible smell of death and long streaks of blood were directed downwards.

There was no doubt that this was the scene of a murder case.

Unraveling the mystery of the

The victims’ bodies were found under an apple tree near their homes.

Without delay, the villagers began to dig around the Bender estate. The results shocked everyone who knew: They found eight bodies buried under apple trees in Bender’s garden, including seven men and a one-year-old girl. The body of Dr. William was also discovered, and the head and throat were destroyed.

The police reconstructed the way to kill the victim as follows: Mother and daughter Kate lured the traveler to sit on a chair, and John and father will use a hammer to smash the victim’s head from behind. After robbing all the property, the Bender family will bring their body to hide in the cellar under the bed, and wait for nightfall to bring the body to the funeral garden.

Unraveling the mystery of the

Everyone involved in the digging was shocked by the brutal killing method.

At the end of the murdered family

When things became clear, the police launched a hunt and awarded rewards to those who caught or had useful information about the Bender family. However, the small amount of wasted money and the time they escaped for too long, so in the end, no one could find this family anymore.

There is little information that the Bender family has been hiding in tribal lands – where white people are not prosecuted. After a while, the Benders arrived in Denison – a place more lawless than Kansas. This helps their family feel safe to hide.

Unraveling the mystery of the

The way to kill the victim was painted by the artist.

Many people said that they had seen Kate and John dressed up and using the alias “the devil of Kansas” cursed by the whole country. However, no one cares because the legal situation at this time is very chaotic.

If discovered, this family will hide deep into the canyons or jungle where no one dares to come. They are always armed with heavy weapons, each wearing a rifle capable of knocking down a healthy buffalo. The Benders were never judged for their crimes by the court, their eventual fates drifted into the past as an open horror story.

Unraveling the mystery of the

The Bender family later had to live an adventure, evading the law.


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